Wine me, Dine me, Don’t 69 me!

The 69 Position – Mood Killer

Soixante-Neuf. It certainly sounds sexy and enticing if you whisper it with your best French accent, but in reality the 69 is a sex act very few people truly enjoy. The position is surprisingly common and something that gets a lot of mentions in erotic literature, but is it really so amazing? Well no, not at all.

You can’t focus on receiving pleasure whilst you are dishing it out yourself. It’s like the difficulty experienced when trying to pat your head and rub your belly simultaneously. You may well be giving your best work to date, but because your partner is focusing on trying to get you off it will be totally wasted on them. Plus, let’s be frank, for women involved in a 69, they are concentrating on avoiding a nose-dive into her partner’s butt. Along with giving head, they are also trying not to put too much weight on their partner. In fact, there is a lot going on in her head.

Whilst giving a good blow job is truly an art form, even the female great masters of the art struggle to perform fellatio upside-down. It’s a little easier for men. They do benefit from full and easy access to her clit, but will often have the problem of a painful neck if their partner is shorter than them. Again, this just detracts from the pleasure.

Waiting Your Turn!

In my own experiences, I have found that oral sex should be a one-at-a-time activity. You have your turn, then let me lie back and enjoy mine. I love the thrill of being eaten out and one of my favourite positions for this, is called Queening. Your partner lies flat on their back and you lower yourself down, so you are sitting on their mouth. This is a glorious way to receive pleasure. Personally, I feel in control of him, and in control of my pleasure. Most men also enjoy queening because it obviously enables them to have great access to the clit, and they can reach up and fondle breasts or grab your ass. So ladies, grab your crown and ascend the to your throne, you deserve it!

After you are all orgasmed out, straighten your crown and get on your knees. It’s time for his pleasure. I have found that one thing men love in particular is when their girl is excited about sucking their cock. Not just doing it out of duty. In an upcoming blog I will be giving a blow by blow guide to giving head, so keep a look out! Until then dear reader, I hope you find great pleasure and look beyond the soixante-neuf for some mind-blowing fun!

Written by Gia Joy for Tabu Adult Boutique.

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