My Valentine’s Day Dilemma – Part One

My Valentine’s Day Dilemma

I know a lot of single girls think there is nothing worse than being solo on Valentine’s Day. The 14th of February seems to conspire against us, whether we’re enduring sickly sweet Valentine’s Day posts on Facebook, or simply queuing behind a guy buying a huge bunch of red roses for his beloved, these kinds of thing can all leave us feeling pretty down in the dumps. But i’m  here to tell you, from my own experience, that there is something much worse than flying solo on the day of love. That something is being in a new “relationship”. I use the quotations to emphasize the fact that I’m not really sure about what qualifies as a relationship. At what point does does dating transform into a relationship? And here lies the problem.

The First Meeting

I work in a large building in the city that houses many different companies. One of those companies being an advertising agency. Three weeks ago the agency hired themselves a new and, may I add, delicious executive. With coffee in hand I headed into the lift in the atrium to ride up to the 3rd floor to begin another day of work (I work as an admin assistant. Dull yes, but it pays the bills). When I looked up from scrolling though my phone, I saw a gorgeous man looking in my direction and smiling at me. My eyes met his and I smiled back. The attraction was instant. I spent the whole morning thinking about the hot stranger in the lift. At lunch time I was thrilled to walk into my usual sushi place and find him there, at the counter, ordering a California roll. This wasn’t a huge coincidence, since it was the best sushi place in town and was in the building we both worked in. Nevertheless, I took it as a sign that he should be mine! if not for life, then most  definitely for a night, or two.

Let’s Talk

I ‘accidentally’ dropped my purse at his feet, so he would have to be a gentleman and help pick it up. It worked. He picked it up and as he turned to give it back to me I’m sure I noticed a look of surprise and happiness that I was the purse’s clumsy owner. “You work in this building right? I never forget a beautiful face” he said in a silky smooth American accent. Actually, as chat-up lines go, his was a little bit lame but he is gorgeous and I could listen to that accent all day, so I was pretty much putty in his hands. He invited me to join him for lunch, so we spent the next 45 minutes getting to know each other.

Boston Boy

I discovered he was from Boston and had moved over here just six weeks previously for a two year contract with his new employers. He is loving the country so far but has yet to make any real friends. He has an ex, they lived together for four years but things fizzled out and he decided it was time to shake things up, hence the big move. At 6′ 3″ he’s perfect I thought, as I’m 5′ 8″ and love a taller man. He wears Dior Homme and it smells divine on him. His designer watch and Hugo Boss suit tell me he has money. His big masculine hands tell me he could spank my ass and leave a nice mark.

Promises Promises

After our impromptu lunch date, we walked back to the elevator and swapped business cards. He promised to call that evening to set up a proper date. I cant lie, I actually had butterflies at the thought of talking to him again. Ever since I managed to untangle myself from a disastrous two year relationship in 2015 I have been happily single, enjoying a series of no-strings fun scenarios. I had kind of sworn off relationships because one disaster after another will do that to you. In my four years of fun I had never met anyone that really piqued my interest for more than a few frivolous dates. I think the longest I had dated someone in this time was around a month. All of a sudden though, I found myself wondering about what I would wear on our first proper date. Could it be that this affluent, handsome, intelligent man may be the one to bring me back to the world of relationships? I kinda hoped so.

Eat, Pray, Fuck

So fast forward to today, Valentine’s Day, and here is my dilemma. We have been on seven amazing dates since our first meeting three weeks ago. The first was at a beautiful Thai restaurant, where we spent an engaging four hours talking, eating and laughing. The second date we went to a tiny little Greek restaurant where we ate moussaka and lots of other dishes I can’t pronounce, getting progressively intoxicated on ouzo. The third, fourth and fifth dates took place at his swish apartment which overlooks the Thames. He cooked dinner for us both on the third date. He made tapas and we drank a lot of sangria. For dessert, we feasted on each other. I think the third date is typically when most people expect to bump uglies, I know I do, and he did not disappoint. Not only could this sexy american cook and make me laugh he could fuck too, I mean really fuck. We had sex all night long. Foreplay, sex, after-play, foreplay, sex, after-play, this cycle continued for the whole weekend. Hence the fourth and fifth dates also taking place at his apartment.

Dates To Remember

The next night we briefly left the bedroom to watch a movie (A quiet Place), this I count as a separate date, a movie is a date right? especially when you are having sex butt naked on the balcony when the credits are rolling. The following night I cooked for him in his swanky modern kitchen (fourth date), and this ended with a midnight stroll along the river holding hands and stopping to kiss at every opportunity. Dates five,six and seven consisted of a cinema visit, where we shared some giggles and an enormous box of popcorn and a trip to the theatre to watch Les Miserables. I pretended to be enthralled, but was quite honestly bored to tears.

The only highlight of my theatre trip was when his hand went up my skirt in the second act. Last but not least we enjoyed a night out drinking, dancing and fucking. So as you can tell, we have dated up a storm. The sex and conversation has been epic and I am quite the smitten kitten. I’m pretty sure he likes me too. We talk on the phone every night when we are not together, we text throughout the day and occasionally meet for lunch when he’s not busy. We are seeing each other tonight because we usually see each other on A Thursday night. The plan is for him to come to my place for a change as we are usually at his He wants to see where I live.

My Dilemma

Now, the problem here, is he hasn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day, like at all. So I don’t know what the hell to do. Firstly should I get him a card? Or a card and a gift or should I not get him anything? If I do get him a card, what do I write in it? Am I his girlfriend? A fuck buddy? A friend with benefits? Maybe none or all of the above? I really don’t know, and I’m pretty sure 3 weeks in is too early to have that discussion. So, do I ignore the occasion altogether? Or will he arrive expecting me to have made a candlelit dinner for two? Maybe even a big teddy bear holding a heart, seated where he is to sit? As a single 30 something, this isn’t a problem I usually encounter and I am fast missing the days of no complications.

Lady in Red

I’m beginning to lean towards the idea of slipping into some super sexy red lingerie, sticking a bow in my hair and saying “Happy Valentines Day!” when I open the door to him. I feel this is fun and sexy but best of all, casual. If he has brought along something for me, then at least I haven’t ignored the event altogether. If he hasn’t brought me anything, I haven’t made a fool of myself and hopefully neither of us will feel awkward.

I am guessing he will turn up empty-handed, however if he does get me an amazing gift (ever hopeful) I can always gift him a lapdance or something. What guy wouldn’t love that? Maybe tonight could lead to the awkward but necessary conversation as to where this is going. I surprise myself sometimes, but if I’m honest the present I’m hoping for at the end of tonight is a boyfriend to call my own. Watch this space. I shall report back in due course. Now then, where should I go to find myself some sexy as all hell lingerie?

Gia. x

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