My Valentine’s Day Dilemma – Part Two

Off The Market!

Guess who has themselves a shiny new boyfriend? Yes indeed, you read that correctly! I am officially off the market. As of Valentine’s Day I have become a girl with a boyfriend, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

So as you know, I was having quite the freak-out about my Feb 14 dilemma, but I needn’t have worried after all. I suppose I should tell you my romantic exec’s name now? His name is Cooper (and there is nothing mini about him). Well, my Cooper didn’t disappoint me. He may not have mentioned Valentine’s, but he certainly wasn’t going to let it slip by. He arrived on my doorstep with a dozen beautiful red roses, a bottle of champagne and a curious little box. It was so small, I surmised it could contain only earrings or a ring. Naturally, at this stage of proceedings, I hoped for the former and feared the prospect of the latter.

Cooper stood, arms full, on my doormat looking me up and down, taking in what I was nearly wearing! He very nearly dropped the champagne, but steadied himself just in time. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me inside, much to the detriment of the poor flowers.

Man In The Mirror

When we were both inside, he discarded his gifts onto the kitchen table and threw me over his shoulder (hot!). He smacked my ass and assertively asked where the bedroom was. In my room, he made me lean against my vanity unit with its huge mirror. “I want to see how good you look whilst I fuck you” he whispered, then he tore off my panties with his teeth and proceeded to fuck me quick and hard, our eyes locked in the reflection of the mirror. It was fast,animalistic sex and I loved it.

Call Me Pandora

After the sex, we went through to the lounge. I placed the surviving roses in a vase and the bubbles in the fridge. I left the box undisturbed, although I was itching to open it. We chatted whilst I stirred sauce on the stove. As I made our dinner, Cooper looked around my small apartment. He very sweetly lied and said how much he liked it. Don’t get me wrong, my place is nice, but compared to his there was no contest. Time goes so quickly when we are together and before I knew it, dinner and dessert had been finished and I was about to open the little box…

Yes, No, Maybe

Cooper slid the box over to me. “I wasn’t too sure if we were at the celebrating Valentine’s Day stage or not, but you know what? I like you a lot and wanted to celebrate this day with you, and buy you something. So I did.” So simple I thought. Why had I made it a such a big issue in my head? As for the box, I slowly eased it open and was surprised to see a small folded piece of paper inside, in lieu of the jewellery I had wrongly assumed. I could feel him watching me as I unfurled the paper. It read Will you be my girlfriend? Under this were three words, Yes, No, Maybe. Under these options it read Please check one. Honestly, it was the cutest thing ever.

Old Skool

Only the other night we had been talking about how much simpler things were in high school. Just sending someone a note with boxes to be checked (I’m pretty sure I would have said ticked though, as I am not American), and that was that. And here he is, using that tried and tested technique on me! Full marks for listening and for cuteness though. I laughed, quickly found an eyebrow pencil at the bottom of my purse and ticked Yes. I slid it back to him. He was very pleased, and noticibly relieved when he saw my answer. We shared a laugh to cover any awkwardness. Cooper explained that he didn’t really know how to go about asking me whether I wanted to be exclusive, without sounding like a dick. He figured he would go Old Skool and hope for the best.

A Girl’s Best Friend

So there you have it. That’s my little story of how I went from eternally single to coupled up. I am hopeful for our future relationship and my optimism makes me smile. Of course, it could all fall apart in a few weeks, but right now, right this minute, I’m loved up and I’m loving it!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, later that night Cooper gave me another little box and this time there were diamonds! Gorgeous little diamond studs. He said his girlfriend deserves diamonds, and I couldn’t agree more!

Gia x

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