Za Za Zu Cuffs – Product Review

Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Cuffs

Part of my job as a blogger for the fabulous Tabu Adult Boutique, based in Eketahuna, New Zealand, is to review products for them. This is a job I really love. What girl wouldn’t?

Tabu have recently started stocking selected items from Bijoux Indiscrets. This brand produces beautiful, feminine focused items such as body art, body jewellery and delicate restraints. It is the Za Za Zu Cuffs that I have been asked to review today. That’s really exciting for me, because I love using restraints during sex. Not every time, but sometimes, just to mix things up a little with a submissive session!

The first thing worth noting about these restraints is just how wonderfully soft and comfortable the feather cuffs are. I imagined from the picture on the box that they may be a little too delicate for my taste, more style than substance, but no. Although they are lightweight and feathery, they would be study enough for all but the roughest of encounters.

The packaging is small, a black box with a sexy picture and a clear window allowing a view of the product inside. Unlike many cuffs, they do not lock with a key, they simply clip shut. Fans of the locking up side of role-play may not like that aspect of the Za Za Zu cuffs, but otherwise I think they are fantastic.

A Second Opinion

As with all sex products I review, it’s great to get a male opinion. so, when my boyfriend got back from work we fooled around with them a little. He liked them and found them to be a real turn on. All in all I would say that these feather cuffs were a lovely addition to my collection, and they will be getting regular use!

If it is your first time experimenting with cuffs, or you are trying to persuade a partner to get involved, then these cuffs would be an ideal starting point. Non-threatening and pretty, they would make a lovely, suggestive, romantic gift.

I am excited to try out some of the other items in the Bijoux Indiscrets range. So hopefully, Tabu will send me some more soon. Hint hint! Until next time…

Gia x

Written by Gia Joy for Tabu Adult Boutique.

Buy the reviewed product.

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