Fifty Shades Nipple Clamps – Product Review

Fifty Shades Adjustable Nipple Clamps

I love everything about Fifty Shades Of Grey, I admit it. I fell in love with each of the books when they came out and the grey cherry on top of the cake was the movies. Although initially disappointed that Jamie Dornan was cast as Mr Grey instead of the very sexy Charlie Hunman, he won me over by the time the second film was released. Jamie Dornan is totally Christian Grey.

Anyway, I digress. I’m not here to talk about my love for the series. I’m here to review the merchandise! Author E L James lent her name to the Fifty Shades of Grey collection of adult toys and it was an instant hit. After all, when millions of bored housewives across the globe develop a sudden interest in bondage, butt plugs, etc, why wouldn’t you cash yourself in? As you can no doubt tell, I thought this was a quick cash-in exercise, so my expectations about the products were not high. However, I must confess to being impressed! So far, I have only got my hands on a few items from the range, but they have all exceeded my expectations.

Getting to Grips with Fifty Shades

Today I am road testing the Adjustable Nipple Clamps. I received them through the post a few days ago and was itching to try them out. Their box is emblazoned with the Fifty Shades logo, which for a ‘super-fan’ like me is a thrill in itself! The clamps are presented in a silk drawstring bag. I was immediately taken with the design and feel; the craftsmanship is great and they feel like a quality product. I played around with them a little to determine how easy they would be to use, and found they tighten to the desired grip by sliding the clasp up or down.

Impatient as ever, I didn’t have enough restraint to wait for my boyfriend to get home from work. Squeezing my nipples slightly, I slid them on. I started with them set as wide as possible. There was a pinching sensation of course, but the silicone tips of the clamps cushioned the bite and made the experience very pleasing indeed. Like many people, I have sensitive nipples and love for them to played with during sex, whether gently pulled or tweaked it’s all heaven to me.

That Pleasure/Pain Tightrope

As I moved around, the string of weighted balls swinging from the clasp caused further vibration-like sensations. These vibrations resonated through my nipples and breasts. Even the slightest movement increased my sensitivity. The middle ground I was experiencing between pleasure and pain was intoxicating, all-consuming and arousing too! I left the clamps on for quite some time whilst alone in my apartment. They remained securely attached whilst I walked around. The sensation of releasing my nipples from the clasps was equally exciting and put me in the mood for fun. So much so, that my boyfriend got lucky when he arrived home!

These Fifty Shades Nipple Clamps certainly do not disappoint and would be a smart addition to anyone’s goody draw. Especially if you are into trying sensory play. The fact they are adjustable means they are ideal for both beginners and experienced kinksters alike. I enjoyed using them alone just as much as with my partner, although the dimension of surprise was added by not knowing when my boyfriend would tug on them of flick them.

To Conclude

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being proved wrong by the Fifty Shades range and I will most definitely be working my way through the rest of the collection in the near future! Before I go I want to pass on a little tip. My boyfriend touched my bullet vibrator against the clamps which sent delicious shivers through my whole body! I suggest you give it a try.

Gia x

Reviewed and written by Gia Joy for Tabu Adult Boutique

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