Ready, Steady, Type! – My Urge To Write

My Urge to Write

For many years I have had a dream of becoming a writer. However, between the fabulous parties and the long hours working some dull tedious jobs, this dream of mine took a back seat. Recently though, I have found myself at a place in my life where I feel settled enough to try and make my dream come to life.

I finally have a job that allows me to leave my work at the office. This is such a thrill for me! This means I can use my non-working hours for getting shit done. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I started writing a book 4 years ago, just after finishing a year-long stint working as a manageress of a brothel. In these 12 months I saw and heard so many outrageous and unbelievable things, that I felt it was a story that needed to be written down!

Writer’s Block

I was pretty convinced I would have my whole book written during that year but it was not to be. The unwelcome drama of a horrible break-up and other family issues going on, meant that before I knew it I had stopped writing altogether. However, I’m now in a much better ‘head space’ as people seem to insist on referring to it. My creative juices have once again been flowing, and I have got stuck into writing my book with a gusto. So much so, that it’s around two-thirds complete.

I started blogging at around the same time as I resumed writing my book. I wanted to get used to writing regularly and also I feel like I have a lot to share. Not just on the topic of life as a brothel keeper, but on the wider subjects of relationships and sex in general. Friends sometimes ask me what qualifications I have to be able to self-appoint as an authority on these complex subjects. Maybe they raise a valid point.

University of Life

I have degrees, but none in Sexual Health & Wellbeing or Psychology. What I do possess however, is something very valuable which cannot be taught. Experience. I have worked in the vice industries all of my adult life. Starting out as a waitress at a strip club at the tender age of 16, becoming a tequila girl by 17. During which time I was a total party girl and consumed more cocaine and other illicit substances than I care to (or am able to) remember.

At 18, I started working as a croupier in a casino. Let me tell you, that’s the perfect place to learn about people, from their little foibles to their base desires. From there, I went to work as a receptionist and then dancer at another strip club. Following that, I workied for a chain of adult stores, managing a sex shop for a few years. After that came the brothel manageress job I alluded to earlier, which forms the basis of my upcoming book.

Out in Print

So I have, in my young(ish) life, seen and done many a thing. I have had my heart broken, my eyes opened and my legs spread; Been an agony aunt to everyone from gamblers to whores. So my friends, whilst I do not have qualifications in the subjects on which I obsess, I do have a wealth of knowledge and experience all of which was gained the hard way. In addition, I have been involved in threesomes, foursomes, lesbian sex, been to group sex parties, hired whores and been dogging too.

I think I have crammed a lot into my life, and would love to use my knowledge and experiences to entertain, enlighten and help open minds to new possibilities. This explains my urge to blog, and my book?…well, it’s a story that must be told! I hope that when It’s completed, you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m hoping to get a publishing deal, but even if I have to self-publish, I am determined to get it out there!

Over the next few months I will post some excerpts from the book on my blog, and welcome your feedback.

Gia x

Excerpt 1 – Ginger

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