Bodywand Aqua – Product Review

I can’t lie; I was super excited to receive the Bodywand Aqua through the post this morning. What a great welcome to New Zealand this is! The reason for my excitement stems from the fact I am no stranger to the Bodwand brand, and what their products do to me!

If you are anything like me (and I suspect that you are), you will love Sex and the City and remember Samantha buying herself a ‘massager’. If you’ve never seen the episode, Samantha uses her massager as a vibrator and sings its merits to all women within earshot whilst she is in the store. Well, the body of this wand reminds me of her toy. It is shaped like the ultimate massager and it could most certainly get your knots out, but that’s not its best trick.

I have had the original plug-in Bodywand in my collection for a few years now. It is ruthlessly powerful but with the kind of associated noise you might expect. However, it doesn’t whine nearly as much as some of the men I’ve known in this time and has proved to be far more reliable! So I know Bodywand make good products and am keen to get to grips with the Aqua.

The first thing I notice are the claims on the packaging. These promise such features as ‘whisper quiet’, ‘deceptively powerful’ and ‘waterproof’. I couldn’t wait to find out if it would live up to these bold claims. After slipping it out of the packet, I discover it requires 3 AA batteries which suggests the vibrations are likely to be strong. The wand is a nice size and easy to hold, and the movable silicone head can adapt to your body’s contours plus it’s silky smooth to touch.

The simple control button makes it very easy to navigate through the 8 massage and speed settings. When I first switched it on, I was taken aback by how strong the initial power level was and there was plenty of higher levels to explore. The toy isn’t quite as whisper quiet as I had hoped, but considering the power of the wand it is understandable. The noise levels did not increase as I dialed up the intensity level which I was pleased about. Discretion is important after all!

The 8 massage functions are pretty varied, so I’m sure most women will be able to find a setting that suits. That’s the technical side of things covered, so let me get to the fun part of my review…

Although I have a hot man with whom I enjoy a great sex life, sometimes I just fancy a little bit of solo fun. It’s really hard to beat and your toy never requires anything in return, save for a fresh set of batteries every now and again. I started by using the wand without its vibration, just to ease into it. The smooth silicone felt amazing against my lady bits, and the head followed its target around as my hips writhed in pleasure.

I switched the wand on and worked my way through all the settings, finding I enjoyed setting 1 and 6 the most. Number One was great when I was warming up; then nearing climax, I switched to number Six. I reached a strong and satisfying orgasm. However, as good as it felt, I wasn’t quite done because as the name Aqua suggests, this toy was made to be used in the water. I ask you, who doesn’t love to masturbate in the bathroom?

After a quick snack to keep my energy levels up, I was ready for round 2! Sadly, I don’t have a bathtub in my new apartment. Apparently Kiwi’s prefer to stand. Anyway I digress; I ran the shower for a few minutes until it was good and steamy, and in I went…

It felt odd taking a battery operated toy into the shower, but it didn’t skip a beat. As the warm water splashed against my skin, I went all-out and set the wand to it’s highest setting, level 8. This was such an intense experience I was able to cum incredibly quickly. Switching off my new friend, I stepped out of the cubicle with a smile on my face. After spraying my wand with some trusty toy cleaner, I put it away within easy reach. It will be getting another airing very soon; I’m sure of it.

All in all, I was very pleased with the Bodywand Aqua. It’s good-looking, powerful, and best of all, waterproof. This gives it a versatility that the plug-in Original Bodywand doesn’t possess. I most definitely recommend that every woman has a waterproof toy in her collection. If you are on the lookout for such a beast, then you can’t go far wrong with the Aqua.

I honestly can’t wait to try out some of Bodywand’s other offerings. My beady eye has spotted a gorgeous sparkly number, and even the Bodywand Minis look like a lot of fun. So, until next time, enjoy yourselves and each other. Hopefully this review helps with that!

Gia x

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