Sex Doll Brothels – Silicone Fantasies

Sex Doll Brothels

Ever found yourself lost in the internet? You went online to look something up (you can’t remember what) and now here you are, four hours later, sat in the dark with sore eyes and Pringle crumbs all down your T-shirt. Sound familiar? It happens to me all the time. Last night, I was sucked through a click-bait wormhole of articles and videos concerning Sex Doll Brothels. As you’d imagine, I am a curious kitty when it comes to any aspect of sex. Whether it be relationships, sex toys, love or prostitution, the whole topic fascinates me and drives me to blog. Therefore, these peculiar establishments and the odd men that frequent them would surely be great subject matter for an article?

Ok, I admit it. I wasn’t exactly open-minded about the silicone dolls. As hard as I tried to approach the subject with impartiality, I couldn’t help thinking any man with a sex doll was a creep. Any man who visits a brothel so he can pay to fuck a doll must be worse. If traditional brothels are primarily for those men who find it hard, or do not wish, to pursue women socially, dolls must be the last resort of the frustrated social inept. Anyway, enough of my pre-conceptions…

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party

Let’s start with the Dolls themselves. At several of the legal Doll Brothels around Europe and Japan, the girls are unnervingly realistic. They have very life-like faces and in a dimly lit room, I confess I would struggle to identify the silicone impostor in a line of real ladies. Provided they sat deathly still and quiet of course. All of the dolls I saw were manufactured to meet the stereotypical man’s desire. Almost every one had large breasts, long hair and an impressively perfect vagina. The manufacturers are able to custom-make a doll to each customer’s specific requirements including variations of skin tone, height, hairstyle, breast size and much more. However, the brothel owners select those that will be most popular amongst the male population in general.

As dolls can cost up to $15,000 each, it’s no surprise that sex doll brothels are very plush establishments in good districts. Sessions generally cost from around $80 for 30 minutes of no strings fun. There is usually a hefty deposit required to cover any potential damages. The more expensive the doll, the more exacting her creation and therefore the hourly rate goes up. The top line models have fully working joints and a steel skeleton, so they can mimic any pose or position her client wishes her to adopt. And it’s the clients that intrigue me the most. For any man’s first time, It must be a little embarrassing entering a normal brothel and paying to have sex with one of the girls. But surely, this is a whole other level of self-awareness? Have I been seen? Have I been recognized? What will the human staff think about me?

Living Doll

Maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick. It wouldn’t be the first time! Are the dolls fulfilling the same requirements as a working girl? I assumed this was the case, but maybe there’s more to it. Is this a fetish that some men have, that cannot be fulfilled by a real woman? I think there is a little bit of truth in that, combined with the fact that a man can do whatever he likes to his silicone lover. If his desires are base, violent or disgusting, a real prostitute can reject him, refuse his business or report him. His rubber whore will allow him to do whatever he wants with no reprisals, except for the danger of losing his security deposit.

In Japan, they are decades ahead of the west in terms of sexual trends. Inflatable sex dolls were popular in the land of the rising sun a generation before Americans were becoming out of breath blowing up their one-night stands. Modern Japanese men are increasingly now looking to robotic lovers and digital girlfriends to fulfill their needs. A step ahead of the mute Sex dolls are the automated Sex Robots of Japan, with their ‘sentient’ abilities. They converse softly and politely with their owner, even responding accurately to questions. Then, when things heat up, she will talk dirty and ask to be fucked harder. Now that robots can fulfill so many requirements of a wife, how long will it be before these dolls are a common sight in the restaurants, high streets and bars of Tokyo?

Good Time Girls

Having given some deep thought to the subject (yes, I can be deep), I think there are two different sets of sex doll user. Firstly there is the man who uses the doll as a toy. A tool to help him get off; she provides a higher level of stimulation and sensation than a porn movie can provide. I suspect these men, whether they own their own doll, or pay a visit one at a sex doll brothel are just looking for glorified masturbation or a quirky experience. I doubt they are looking for a substitute, to replace the need for a woman in their lives. Men are visual creatures as we know, and if this is what helps them climax on their own then who am I to condemn? After all, I am a girl with a bedside drawer crammed with rubber friends that help me reach climax. Girls in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

The second type of user, I find a little troubling. It’s fairly clear to me that these guys, admittedly a small percentage of the male population, use their silicone lovers to replace women. Maybe through an inability to converse meaningfully with other humans, they invest their time, money and emotions into their dolls. I would say to these doll owners – If it has reached a point where you are considering the feelings of your doll, refer to her as your girlfriend, talk to her, introduce her to family or in any other way consider her more than just a sex toy, it’s time to stop! Put down the doll and step away. Your doll is an expensive and elaborate masturbation sleeve, not a person. She belongs in your closet, not on your sofa.


Whether sex doll brothels are just a fad, or continue to rise in popularity over the coming decades, we will have to wait and see. I believe they have their good and bad sides for society, but overall I embrace their presence. I do not fear them as competition, no woman should, and they make for quite the conversation starter!

Gia x

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