My Book – Excerpt 2 (Mercedes)


The biggest of the Musketeers spots who is coming through the front door, it’s her one o’clock appointment, fifteen minutes early. She gestures to him that she just needs a minute to powder her nose and disappears into the staff area. “Hello there, that will be $245 for an hour with the gorgeous Mercedes.” I inform the oh so handsome man standing in front of me as he hands over the cash. I don’t use the word ‘handsome’ lightly. He is stop and stare good looking, movie star looks actually. He is over six feet tall and has sexy hair, if hair can be sexy. His suit is slim fitting so I can see the bulges of his muscular arms and thighs quite clearly. All of the girls did a double take when he walked in, no doubt hoping he would single them out. An hour spent with him would definitely not be work! 

Paid for Pleasure

“Is it Ok if I go up to the room and wait for her?” He enquires. This is a strict no-no, but he is just too beautiful to refuse. 

“Well usually the girl takes you up to the room, but just this once.” I purr, “Room 10.” 

“Thanks.” He says, with a megawatt smile that could melt hearts. Mercedes re-emerges and comes bounding over to me, so happy she is having to suppress laughter.  

“Well somebody got lucky didn’t they?” I tease. 

“Honey, you have no idea. He is my regular and I will tell you all about him afterwards. I don’t want to keep him waiting, has he gone up to the room already?” 

“Yep, number 10. Don’t you forget to come and see me after.” Mercedes gives me a wink and with that she is gone.  

I wait impatiently for what seems like days until Mr. Beautiful leaves the building. Mercedes walks down the stairs a minute later grinning ear to ear, so I’m guessing this is going to be good. She makes a beeline for my hole in the wall.  

“That was the easiest money I ever made!” 

“Come on then Mercedes, let’s have the details. What’s the big mystery?” I demand. 

“Well honey, Mr. Oh So Handsome has himself a little kink. I’m used to it now, I don’t even think about it, but I absolutely love it when a new manageress starts here because they always think he is so hot. Until they find out his kink…” 

“Just tell me! The suspense is killing me…” 

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