Food Fetish? Super Size Me!

Food Fetish

I was chatting to a girlfriend of mine last week. We were talking about sex (as per) and the subject of fetishes came up. Kate asked me what fetishes I had come across in the guys I have dated over the years. I had dated one guy in my early twenties who didn’t want to have sex with me. He just wanted me to put my heels on and give him a footjob. That was quite fun for a while, and he would even buy me lots of shoes which is always a bonus. Apart from that, guys have loved my ass or my breasts, but I wouldn’t call that a fetish really.

How about you? I asked her. I sensed Kate had a diamond of a story to tell, otherwise she wouldn’t have brought the subject up would she? It turns out that her current boyfriend has a food fetish. When she told me this, I innocently assumed he had addictions or just ate too much, but no.

Ever since the first time they had sex, he had joked about eating food from her body, covering her in spray cream and so on. She thought nothing much of it, but didn’t really want to try it because it would be messy and uncomfortable. He was an attentive boyfriend and bought her many gifts. In the first few weeks it was lingerie or flowers, but then it started…

The little bottle of chocolate bodypaint was his first step. Maybe breaking her in gently? Although it was very clear from the get-go that this wasn’t really a gift for her, it was for himself. She would just be wearing it. The next evening he came home with more chocolate sauce, and this time, a box of strawberries.

All in the Best Possible Taste

Although my friend didn’t overly enjoy these chocolate sessions, they always led to good sex so she put up with it and played along. Until one night, when he smeared her breasts in trifle. “That must have been his ultimate fantasy all along” said Kate with a tone of resignation, “The sight of my nipples covered in cream was more than he could manage. He just ejaculated. He hadn’t even touched me, or himself.”

Since that time, Kate has not had sex with him because he finds the food fetish play so exciting he will climax from it every time, and Kate is just left in a naked sticky mess (and not in a good way!) He is not interested in non-food sex anymore and has encouraged Kate to watch Sitophilia porn online with him to try and get her into it. (Sitophilia is the proper term for the fetish of gaining sexual arousal from food play – Everything has a name these days huh?)

Kate tried the food porn, but her regular laughter spoilt the mood for her boyfriend apparently. So that relationship seems dead in the water. At least Kate will always have a good story to tell. Also, it has inspired me to find out more about the world Sitophilia. Maybe it’s something I could get into? After all, it’s an activity that combines two of my major passions in life!

Food for Thought

As far as fetishes go, this one seems pretty niche. There are a few groups to join online, that share pictures of their food sex fun, and of course the porn sites. The main sites like Pornhub and Redtube have a few movies that piqued my interest. It seems to be a very male driven fantasy. Hot girls covered in foods as diverse as whipped cream or Spaghetti Bolognese, for no apparent reason, then fucked hard.

I found very little online content that would have been made by Sitophiliacs. The application of the food and the eroticism of the ritual were sadly lacking. As you know, you can soon get distracted when searching through porn, and before long I had deviated slightly into watching a girl crushing cakes and fruits underfoot. I must confess that watching the cream and goo oozing between her toes turned me on a little bit, but I’ve absolutely no idea why.

Maybe this is how it starts? Before you know it, you have become one of those people who seems perfectly normal, but can’t wait to get their date home to throw a bucket of custard over them?

I scoured the web for hours, and the most relevant site for food sex enthusiasts was a members only domain. Access to some parts of the site was possible but the bulk of it is behind a hefty paywall. I read a few teaser articles by members about licking ketchup from a girlfriend’s vagina, and sucking noodles from a far more unpleasant orifice. I halted my enquiry at this point. I may not be able to eat Chow Mein ever again as it is.

Sushi Girls of Japan

I saw a documentary from Japan a few years ago. It was explaining about how sushi is an exquisite art which takes decades for chefs to master. It is a food that has a culture all of it’s own. There are a few very expensive restaurants in Tokyo, where you can hire a private room for your function or business meeting. The sushi is served on the naked body of a young woman. She lies motionless on long table, adorned with various treats.

The diners pick up the sushi they want, dipping each piece in a small pool of soy sauce in her naval before consuming. It is not really a sexual process, more one of extreme indulgence and luxury. Apparently the Sushi Girls are paid quite well, and it is a job that holds some status. The best girls can lie motionless for an hour as they are stripped naked by chopsticks.

It is a beautiful artistic scene, but something that wouldn’t translate into western culture. Nobody is wanting to dip their carrot sticks into belly button hummus are they? If you do, I know of a group you can join.

If I have whetted your appetite for any aspect of food sex, try it out and let me know how it goes. Oh, and bon appetit!

Gia x

Written by Gia Joy for Tabu Adult Boutique.

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