Vibrating Dong – Product Review

To to be honest, I’m not really a dongy kind of girl. I have used them from time to time with guys who like them, but they were never my go-to sex toy. I like my sex toys to vibrate and I want to use toys for a different experience, not just a replacement cock. I know I may be in the minority here, because so many women love to play with a life-like penis.

Due to my tastes, when the fabulous Paloqueth sent me a suction dong to road test and review, I can’t say I was overly thrilled, but loyal sex toy reviewer that I am, I vowed to take one for the team and try the bad boy out! With further inspection I was very happy to see that their dong, was in fact a vibrating phallice, hurrah! Thank you Paloqueth.

Things were looking up! As always, my toy arrived in stylish, easy to open packaging. I was first struck by the thickness of this realistic dong. Its 7.5 inch in length but the girth was meaty to say the least. I was starting to like this toy more and more and now couldn’t wait to get started. As with all Paloqueth toys, this one came with a little charge so I didn’t have to wait to play.

The vibrating dong comes with a very handy remote control which made it super easy to work my way through the 20, yes you heard that right, 20 modes! It also means when you aren’t having solo fun you can give the remote to your partner and let him take control of your pleasure.

I applied a fair amount of Wet Stuff Vitamin E lube to the toy because as I said before, this is one hell of a meaty toy. I gently eased it in and I won’t lie, the full feeling it gave me felt AMAZING!!!!! The length was perfect and the girth just made it all that more pleasurable even without the vibrations.

The fact I could use a control to work through the settings was pleasing as it left one hand free to play with my nipples. I started to slowly move through the modes. The first few have quite a low rumbling vibration that runs through the entire shaft of the dong and can be felt throughout the whole body.

As you begin to get to the higher modes the toy really ramps up and can easily rival some of the strongest toys on the market. If super buzzy is what you like, you will not be disappointed, in fact if low and rumbly is what you like you will be equally thrilled. The 20 modes allow every user to find 2 or 3 modes that suit them.

The size and power of this toy make it easy to climax, in fact I had to turn the vibrations off a couple of times as I wanted to last longer than a teenage boy watching his first porno. If realistic is what you like, you will love this toy. It is made of hypoallergenic TPE which makes it look and feel incredibly real. The balls at the base and veins on the shaft also add to its overall feel.

The Vibrating Dong is rechargeable through USB charging which means not only do you not have to think about batteries, but you also have the convenience of being able to charge your toy almost anywhere at any time. I would say all in all this toy is incredible. It feels great, looks great and has a vibration pattern to suit everyone. Its very quiet, especially considering how high the vibrations go.

The other great thing is the super strong suction cup, which means you can mix things up. Whilst laying on your back on your bed using this toy feels great, it’s also fun to stick it to the floor and ride it, believe when I say, there is no man who doesn’t like to watch that. You can also stick it to a wall and back up on to it.

A toy this versatile and fun is surely a must for all sex toy fans, maybe not for beginners though as the girth is quite hefty. I’d say start smaller and work your way up, but for everyone else, go get yourself this toy. Trust me now and thank me later!

Gia x

The Vibrating Dong from Paloqueth is available via their website.

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