Attack of the Clones!

I have a fantastic, life changing recommendation for all you long distance couples, or long distance ‘fuck buddies’ out there. Clone-a Willy! What’s that I hear you say? Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Firstly, find a willing man. Preferably the one you sleeping with and follow the four simple instructions.

STEP 1 – Mix the body safe moulding powder with water.

STEP 2 – Pour mixture into tube and insert erect penis.

STEP 3 – Pull away the mould and fill with the silicone.

STEP 4 – Slide out an exact copy of your own penis.

And voila! Obviously, the kit gives you all you need to make a great fully functional vibrator based on your partner’s cock. Just pop in a single AA battery and you are ready to enjoy your other half whether he is home or not!

Sexy Gift Idea

Remote Control Orgasms

I have myself a fuck buddy in the UK. Now that I’m living in New Zealand, we obviously don’t get time together in person. However, with the help of some dirty messaging or an xxx rated skype call, we bridge the miles. He watches me reach orgasm with a replica of his own penis and we feel as close as ever.

We have used it together many times now and it always satisfies. It is definitely one of my favourite vibrators. So, why not do yourself a favour and grab one for yourself? I got mine from Tabu in Eketahuna, but they also sell them on their website.

Anyway, whether you take the plunge or not, be kind to yourselves and dirty with each other! Until next time…

Gia x

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