Paloqueth Wand Massager – Product Review

I’m no stranger to a wonderful wand. I have been using these fab toys for years. In fact, the first time I purchased one was when Samantha, my favourite character from Sex and the City, educated us all in an episode of the iconic TV show about the wonders of the wand. Yes it can be used to relax and massage your muscles, but it also has a much more intimate and pleasurable use. I have been a fan of the bodywand for an long time as this was the first sex toy I bought, but i have to say this gorgeous wand from Paloqueth has absolutely blown them out if the water!

Silent Power

The Paloqueth wand masager has 20, yes 20 vibration patterns and 8 powerful speeds. This means there is a speed and pattern to suit everyone. This wand packs an absolute punch. Please do not be fooled by its smaller size, because it is more powerful than others twice its size and what’s even better is it’s whisper quiet. The problem with a lot of powerful toys is the noise that they create but this one being a completely silicone toy means it keeps noise to a minimum.

I love the colour aswell. Mine is a pretty magenta, but it’s also available in black too. It is soft to touch and honestly the praise just keeps on coming, just like you will if you get this toy, because it is also waterproof. I had fun with this toy not only in the shower but in the bath too. Let me tell you, nothing is quite as relaxing as a hot bath being made hotter by this toy.

The wand is quick to charge and when it is fully charged it lasts for a very impressive 1.5 hours before it needs charging again. Giving you plenty of time to have fun in between charges.

I actually purchased this toy for my Mum to use as a massager as I was so impressed with the power of it and she has told me she feels a million dollars after using it. I haven’t told her what I actually use mine for but I have told her it also makes me feel like a million dollars. Ha!

Do yourself a favour and visit and buy yourself this fab and versatile toy today. Oh and did I mention it is half the price of other brands of wands? This is a great buy and I’m excited to share with you just how great it is.

Gia. x

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