My Remote Control Sex Toy Joy

Remote Control Sex Toy

Trialing sex toys for your pleasure is a favourite part of my job as a sex blogger. I honestly have so many toys that they sometimes all blend into one but I have very recently discovered a standout toy that I am very excited to tell you about. A remote control sex toy that can be used anywhere!

The silicone remote bullet from calexotics has 12 intense vibration, escalation and pulsation functions, that are guaranteed to send you over the edge. Especially when you hand the control to your lover! This way, whilst you are wearing the bullet, they control the thrilling sensations you will feel. Therefore surprising and delighting you. You can enjoy this toy anywhere at any time.

My Remote Control Sex Toy Joy!

It’s quiet and discreet. Personally I only use this toy when I’m out and about as I have other toys better designed for use at home. This toy needs to be wined and dined if you catch my drift. I got all dressed up for my date and just before he picked me up I popped the bullet inside. When we were in the cab on the way to the restaurant, I passed the remote to him and whispered in his ear exactly what it controlled. He was excited to say the least and wasted no time pressing the button and making his way through the 12 modes.

It was such a thrill having this naughty little secret with each other. I was getting hot and bothered and the taxi driver had absolutely no idea why. My date was getting turned on seeing what it was doing to me, but when we got to dinner the fun really began. Above the table you could see a couple enjoying a nice conversation, but below the table I was practically dripping on the floor and my date was rock hard (I know because I felt it).

The dinner was so much fun, although we both found it hard to concentrate when all we could think about was ripping each others clothes off. And that’s what we did. After he paid the bill, we went into the female toilets (very plush might I add) and proceeded to undress each other in a cubicle. He slid the bullet out of me and we had the most amazing and erotic quickie. The build up had been so intense it didn’t take either of us long to climax. He told me to put it back in for the journey home and we played with it all the way back.

To say I love this toy would be an understatement. There is a 10 metre range on this thing so you can really have a great time in public without anyone knowing. I have used this when out eating, in a nightclub and even when out walking his dog. Let me tell you it made for an interesting stroll through the park! I also very recently used it in a hot tub, this bullet is waterproof so I was able to use it in the bathroom with no worries at all.

If you want to spice things up a little then this is the toy for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check it out at Tabu for more info and to buy one for yourself!

Gia. x

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