Self Love

Take Time Out to Orgasm

Self love and self care are hot topics at the moment, and I can’t honestly think of a better way to love oneself and take care of one’s mental health than the great gift of orgasm. There are numerous studies that reveal plentiful benefits of a healthy sex life. We benefit from the ability to orgasm, and as often as possible.

I’m no scientist but I do know this – I always feel better after I orgasm. The 10 minutes or one hour (depending on my schedule) I spend getting to know myself better is time well spent. I completely switch off to the stresses and concerns of the outside world.

When I’m busy turning myself on, I’m not thinking about a bill that needs paying or a work project deadline. Nope, I’m totally focused on myself and making me feel good. Also being so at one and in tune with my body is such an awesome feeling. I feel like I’ve had a boost of self-confidence and I’m empowered for the rest of my day.

After an orgasm it’s like a beautiful, exhilarating release. I can literally feel all stress leave my body as I scream my own darn name (yes I’m that good). I also have that post coital glow that no fancy European face cream can give me. And what’s more, no man is required for me to achieve this bliss.

I think smarter and clearer when I’m relaxed and feeling good and I most certainly have a more positive outlook on things. Of course, I’m not saying if you orgasm every day you will never feel down again or you won’t sometimes fantasize about punching a colleague in the face (we all work with ‘that’ person) but I am saying you will look good, feel better and that smile on your face won’t be forced.

I just wanted to write a quick note to you guys about loving ones self. Whether you are in a relationship or not, give yourself some self love today. You will thank you and me for it. Oh and if you want to mix things up a bit instead of relying on your trusty fingers, then below I have put links to a few great sex toys at my favourite store. You are most welcome 🙂.

Gia. x

Bodywand Original Massager. The most powerful women’s toy on the market. Runs on A/C power!

Real Feel no 7. Very life-like surface on a long textured vibrator.

Jack Rabbit Thrusting Vibe. The usual advantages of a rabbit, but this one thrusts up and down, to simulate sex.

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